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Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Thierry Gillier decided to put his ideas into practice and create one of today's finest stylish luxury brands.


A lover of literature, he decided to open his first multi-brand store in the 90s, choosing to name his brand Zadig in homage to one of his favorite books.


It was not until 1997 that his brand took on the name we know today: Zadig & Voltaire.


The brand is full of elegance and is considered one of the first to position itself in the affordable luxury segment.


Zadig & Voltaire has a particularly stylish image, immersed in a rock and fashion universe, which is aimed at all fashion lovers.


In addition, all its success lies in its very modern appearance.


Meanwhile, the fragrance was born in 2012.


Indeed, Zadig & Voltaire has decided to embark on the pa


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  • COOL WATER WOMAN MERA SUMMER EDITION eau de toilette spray 100 ml
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