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How a Korean Top Influencer can Help us with Beauty

An entrepreneur and a content creator. Based in NYC, Liah is one of the top beauty influencers with more than one million subscribers on YouTube. She is also the founder & CEO of KraveBeauty, a skincare brand that’s set out to liberate people from the stress, confusion and a whole lot of overwhelm in skincare.

Lyah said: "Skincare is our work. Changing the game is our hustle"

The YouTube star, who counts more than 370,000 subscribers to her online vlogging channel, launches her debut collection this week in the US and South Korea on

Rather than buying into the famously complex skincare regimes that K-beauty is often synonymous with, Yoo's goal is to take the stress out of skincare by streamlining it. "At Krave beauty, that's our philosophy," she says in a YouTube video introducing her new line. "To empower a movement of simplicity and to offer truly craveable skincare that makes you feel damn good, inside and out." (read more...)

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